Intercis Caspian Oil & Gas 2017
Intercis Caspian Oil & Gas 2017
Rio gas forum 2014
Caspian Oil & Gas 2017
Mozambique gas summit 2013
Rio gas forum 2011
AIX: Gas 2017 Floating LNG Panel
Intercis Caspian Oil & Gas 2017
Woodside Petroleum

The document contains a number of useful charts and tables regarding plant efficiency calculations and conversions between common energy units.

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A presentation given during the Mozambique Gas Summit 2013 in Maputo covering how offshore gas technologies (Floating LNG, Small Scale Floating LNG, and Marine CNG) can create economic value and develop synergies between the export project and the domestic market.

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A presentation given to Rio Gas Forum 2013 in Brazil covering new offshore gas technologies (Floating LNG, Floating Gas to Liquids, and Small Scale Floating LNG). Discussion covered the opportunities, what is holding them back and what is required to develop them.

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A presentation delivered to Floating LNG 2012 in Houston covering the differences between onshore LNG and FLNG, creating synergies with domestic gas and power and improving the gas supply to FLNG projects.

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Article published by Maritime Executive in June ’12 co-written with Prof. Economides on the application of new gas containment technologies in Marine CNG.  Marine CNG can unlock oil and gas production from previously stranded and uneconomical fields by providing a gas flaring solution by transporting “raw gas”.

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A presentation given to the LNG Global Congress in London covering floating liquefied natural gas. Topics covered include identifying the opportunities, challenges, commercial benefits and key players in FLNG and ensuring  that domestic and export needs can be met.

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A presentation given to the Floating LNG 2012 conference covering the current gas supply challenges and how to integrate domestic demand for gas and power and valuable export markets into an FLNG project.

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Article published by Polish magazine 'Time for Gas' regarding the challenges involved in commercialising Brazillian gas and a possible solution involving delivery to shore using marine CNG.

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An interview given by Claudio Steuer to TN Petroleo after the Rio Gas Forum regarding the important complimentary role CNG can have in the oil and gas production systems of the Brazillian pre-salt.

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A presentation deliverd to the Rio Gas Forum covering the linkning of LNG and demand for power generation, balancing gas demand through effective storage and the role of marine CNG in domestic/regional gas distribution.

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