Mozambique gas summit 2013
AIX: Gas 2017 Floating LNG Panel
Intercis Caspian Oil & Gas 2017
Intercis Caspian Oil & Gas 2017
Intercis Caspian Oil & Gas 2017
Caspian Oil & Gas 2017
Rio gas forum 2011
Woodside Petroleum
Rio gas forum 2014

An interview given by Claudio Steuer to TN Petroleo after the Rio Gas Forum regarding the important complimentary role CNG can have in the oil and gas production systems of the Brazillian pre-salt.

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A presentation deliverd to the Rio Gas Forum covering the linkning of LNG and demand for power generation, balancing gas demand through effective storage and the role of marine CNG in domestic/regional gas distribution.

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An interview with ICIS Heren Global LNG involving Petrobras's plans to shelve its FLNG project

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A presentation delivered to the African Gas Summit in London and the Rio Gas Forum in Brazil regarding deepwater & pre-salt gas monetisation, domestic and export market development and developing synergies between infrastructure development and gas monetisation techniques.

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Article published by Gas Matters, Gas Strategies in March ’11 on the convergence of macro-economic factors and new technologies supporting large scale renewed interest in gas-to-liquids to monetise increasing volumes of unconventional, associated and non-associated gas.

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Article published by LNG Business Review, Gas Strategies in December 2010 about the recent discovery of the giant Libra oil and gas field offshore Brazil - the largest discovery since Kazakhstan's Kashagan field in 2000 confirming the Brazilian pre-salt basins as the most promising E&P province outside the Middle East. This article looks at how the challenge of monetising these phenomenal resources could offer a unique opportunity for large-scale LNG, GTL and CNG technologies to co-exist and complement each other.

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Article published by Gas Matters, Gas Strategies in November 2010 about Brazil's pre-salt area emergence as the most promising exploration and production region after the Middle East. A recent discovery at the Libra field in the Santos basin is estimated to hold 7.9 to 16 billion boe, confirming the paramount role of pre-salt plays as a game changer for the Brazilian oil and gas industry. Recent moves in the region herald significant prospects for associated and non-associated gas, which may cater for both the rocketing domestic market and possible export projects.

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An interview with ICIS Heren Global LNG on the potential future role of Bolivian gas exports to Brazil.

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An interview with ICIS Heren Global LNG about the potential 15 Tcf discovery by OGX and possible impact on LNG imports in the Northeast of Brazil.

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